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(VoIP) Voice Over IP. What is it? Does your business need it?

Few technologies in recent years have created the buzz and talk like Voice over IP (VoIP). But what is the big deal about it? Quite simply VoIP sends your calls over an IP network (the Internet). The idea is that all of your long distance calls would be free, much like surfing the internet anywhere in the world. The reality is that it is not quite so simple. Most VoIP calls still eventually wind up on some PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and, as a result, have toll charges. So how might VoIP benefit your business? Ask us to learn more.

The most obvious environment for a VoIP solution is for a business with multiple branches, particularly those that are spread far apart. Calls made to each office through your VoIP system can be made as simple as an inter-office transfer. In addition those calls would be toll free as would any calls to the same city as your branch office. This can be a tremendous cost savings for many businesses. A shared receptionist to answer all calls for each office can also be a sizeable savings for your business as well.

Of course, there are pros and cons to a VoIP system. Call quality and reliability have been and can be an issue. The ability of your data network to handle the additional load and prioritize voice versus data packets is critical. For these reasons doing business with a company that has IP data network expertise is very important.

At NetCom Systems we have been deploying and supporting data networks since 1996. Our expertise in both voice and data technologies makes us an ideal choice to help you decide whether a VoIP system is right for your business. We are certified Linksys voice solutions partners. We believe any investment in technology should have a solid return for you. Let NetCom Systems design and build a voice communication system that works for you today and supports the technologies of tomorrow. Contact Us and let us serve you.

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